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Types of Massage Available


Remedial Massage

A specific treatment that targets especially tense muscles and joints during the massage. Remedial massage can also assist those parts of the body that have suffered from overuse, trauma, poor posture, or too much stress. This massage can target joints and deeper muscles, alleviating symptoms and trying to address the underlying causes of any problems.

Depending on the nature of the issue, remedial massage can be gentle or strong. Massage can also be used in combination with and as an adjunct to physiotherapy or osteopathy to relieve pain.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be done before, during or after exercise. Anyone who is physically active can benefit from such a massage. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend tennis player a sports massage can help.

A sports massage can tailored to cater for your injuries and strains, and to future prevention. It works by relieving the stress and tension that has built up in the soft tissues and muscles during physical activity. The aim of such a massage is to improve a person's performance and reduce the likelihood of future or further injury.


Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage is a gentler full body massage used primarily for reducing stress and to promote relaxation. This massage uses a combination of strokes; including longer flowing strokes [efflourage], kneading, circular strokes and tapotment to ease tension.

Swedish massage can help anyone who is feeling stressed and or tense. And of course is great as just a relaxing indulgence where you can switch off and just relax.


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